Gil Blutrich Founder & CEO

Gil Blutrich is an Israeli-Canadian real estate entrepreneur, philanthropist, the founder of Clear Inc. A founder of Mishorim Development (MSHR) in 1990, and Skyline Investments (SKLN) in 1998, Gil took both companies public on the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange where they are currently traded. Today Skyline and Mishorim have a strong foothold in 57 cities worldwide. Their North American properties include hotels, condominiums and commercial buildings. In 2004, Gil was named Ernst & Young’s Entrepreneur of the Year. In 2005, as a developer and investor, Gil recognized the challenges of poor indoor air and water quality. He felt the chatter in the industry on the subject only paid lip service to what would prove to be a serious and growing problem. In 2005, Gil launched the Cosmopolitan Hotel in downtown Toronto, with a holistic approach to air and water. Each suite was equipped with a state of the art air purification system, a balcony and windows that fully opened with access to fresh air. Green, healthy, hardwood and other materials were selected to reduce the environmental impact and a natural gemstone fountain for energy and light healing. This was recognized by Conde Naste Traveller’s 2006 Hot List. In February 2020, Gil founded Blutrich Holdings Inc. and its subsidiaries, including Clear Inc. Through his long standing leadership role in the Canada-Israel Chamber of Commerce, Gil has sourced some of Israel’s most advanced technologies for Clear to provide air and water solutions to buildings in North America. In addition, Gil has recently submitted the plans for his first Clear Certified Hotel to the City of Toronto. Prioritizing social responsibility in business, Gil has worked with Trees Ontario, Clean the World, and Make-a-Wish Canada.