Wasting No Food, so No One Goes Without

Pesia’s Kitchen: One Man’s Quest to Feed Hungry People

Our first stop was Google headquarters in Tel Aviv. Gideon Ben Ami parked, ran up to the cafeteria, and emerged with a dolly piled with trays of food left over from that day’s lunch. Then he was off to a utility company for more. His little car was stuffed with fresh prepared food now destined not for the garbage, but for people who need it.

Gideon has combined a social justice spirit with experience as an entrepreneur and restaurateur to create Pesia’s Kitchen. This grassroots organization which operates with a large contingent of volunteers will rescue an estimated 250 tons of food in 2018 (including two tons of fresh produce each week) — from corporate kitchens, caterers, bakeries, markets, etc. — for distribution to hungry people. This translates to half-a-million meal units that with efficiencies cost one shekel each.

“Food security must be considered a basic human right,” Gideon said. “So I do have a dream — that humanity as a whole will join efforts to rescue all food waste, which will be enough to alleviate world hunger altogether.”