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Our Vision

Is to end chronic hunger in Israel by rescuing and distributing surplus produce and foods to those in need in the community

Our Mission

Is to end hunger in our community and in our country, and provide the essential and basic need for life; FOOD 

Our goal is to establish 20 “Pesia’s Kitchen” hubs, spread throughout the country. To be able and distribute a total of 10,000 tons of rescued & surplus produce prepared foods, bread, and dry basic food products. Equaling to 20 million meals a year. with a cost of less than one shekel per meal unit delivered to the community. 

We aim to prove that food rescue can be very inexpensive and low-cost, which is the way to go forward in the struggle to end hunger in the community. With our unique and innovative model Program

We’re proud to be part of the green revolution and help to reduce the toxic greenhouse gas released from buried food waste, polluting and destroying our planet.

Hoping to inspire other programs around the country and the globe to adopt our model of operation   

About Us

Pesia’s Kitchen was founded in 2011  by the grandchildren of Safta (Grandma) Pesia who fed the poor in her small hometown of Volozhyn, Poland. While Pesia did not have much, she knew that food should be a basic human right and that nobody should go hungry.

 Co-founders, cousins, and the grandchildren of Pesia herself, Gideon Ben Ami and Pnina Raphael, decided to continue Pesia’s work in Tel Aviv and knew how to do it due to their vast background in the food world.     With a successful career as a restaurateur, both in the US and Israel, Gideon understood the food industry, while Pnina spent many years volunteering with Tel Aviv soup kitchens, getting to know the city’s hungry residents. Combining their insights, they had a comprehensive and complete picture of where food was going to waste and who needed it most
The food program is focused on rescuing produce, freshly prepared food and delivering it to those who need it most. We believe that no food should go to waste while there are so many people living in chronic hunger, in our back yard.

Pesia’s Kitchen, along with our corporate food donors and our partner, food bank Leket Israel, rescues and delivers over one million pounds of food every year, all at the astonishingly low cost to the organization of one shekel per meal.

Pesia’s Kitchen is a lean organization operating with a yearly budget is 1 million IL. Shekels ( approx. $300,000-) 

  • 80% of our budget is earmarked for labor costs involved in rescuing, handeling and delivering over 500  tons of food to our recipient partnering agencies.
  • 20% underwrites direct and related expenses which include automobile maintenance, gas, and insurance fees. 

The use of  approx. 70 strategic volunteers and only 5  employees, allows us to keep these expenses low.  There is no rent, secretarial expenses and our legal and accounting service fees are underwritten by proffesional members of our Board of Directors.

How We Do It

As a lean organization with low operating expenses and minimal staff, Pesia’s Kitchen relies on the partnerships and cooperative spirit of other Israeli nonprofit organizations to accomplish our mission. Our skilled team of drivers collect hot meals, fresh produce, and baked goods from generous food donors–food that would otherwise be needlessly thrown away– and distributes it to select agencies and individuals in need. Elderly day centers, communal houses for homeless men, daycare centers for refugee children, battered women’s shelters, after-school youth programs, and more all benefit from these efforts.

Pesia’s Kitchen serves approximately 3,000 people per day.

Food Recipients & Supported Communities

Due to our involvement in the field, we are able to directly and swiftly respond to the call of various organizations and individuals suffering from food insecurity who reside and work mainly in the poorest communities of South Tel Aviv and Holon.

Food Donors

Our generous food donors provide us with an average of 1,000 meals a day, five days a week.


Contributing Partners


In Action

Contact Us


To reach us by phone

Shira Ben Ami

Yonatan Ben Ami


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Where to find us

Sundays to Wednesday before noon you can find us at:
Derech Ben Zvi 40, Tel Aviv

Our Team

Our team is comprised of executives coordinating and executing the complex operations and logistics involved with rescuing and distributing more than half a million meals a year, with the help of a small team of dedicated drivers.

Our Board of Directors

Our board includes compassionate and generous people committed to ensuring that Pesia’s Kitchen reaches its full potential.

Honorary Board Members

Advisory Board

Donate to Pesia’s Kitchen

Your contribution can really make a difference.

Pesia’s kitchen has ambitious plans to create an even greater impact across Israel by saving 20 million meals a year. In order to make these plans a reality, a gradual expansion of food, equipment, transportation and staff donors will be required to service the new food donors as well as the supported communities. With your donation, Pesia’s Kitchen will reach its goal of saving and providing 20 million meals by 2025.



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